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"You have probably noticed that my manner toward you has changed of late?" "Yes, sir, I have noticed the change, and been glad to see it." "Of course, of course. Now, I have got something to tell you." Oliver naturally f

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elt curious. "I want to tell you why I have brought you to New York

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to-day. You probably thought it was merely for a pleasant excursion."

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"Yes, sir." "I have another object in view. Noticing as I have

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the dislike—well, the incompatibility between you and Roland, I have thought it best to make separate arrangements for you." Now Oliver was strangely interested. What plan had Mr. Kenyon formed for him? "I intend you to rem

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you?" There are not many boys of Oliver's age to whom such a prospect would not be pleasing. He answered promptly: "I should like it very much." "No doubt Roland will envy you," said Mr. Kenyon. "I am sure he would prefer

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ather's superior affection for Roland. "Where am I to live in the city?" he asked next. "There are two courses open to you," said Mr. Kenyon. "You might either go to some school in the city or enter some place of business. W


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hich would you prefer?" Had Oliver been an enthusiastic student, he would have decided in favor of school

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. He was a good scholar for his age, but, like all boys, he fancied a change. It seemed to him that he would

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like to obtain a business position, and he said so. His step-father anticipated this, and wished it. Had

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Oliver decided otherwise, he would have exerted his influence to have him change his plan. "Perhaps you are right," said Mr. Kenyon meditatively. "A bright, smart boy like you, is, of course, anxious to get to work and do some

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thing for himself. Besides, business men tell me that it is always best to begin young. How old are you?" "Almost sixteen," answered Oliver. "I was only fourteen when I commenced business. Yes, I think you are right." "Is

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    it easy to get a position in the city?" asked Oliver, getting interested. "Not unless you have influence; but I think I have influence enough to secure you one." "Thank you, sir." "In fact, I know of a party who is in want of a boy?/p>

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    猘n old acquaintance of mine. He will take you to oblige me." "What business is he in?" "He has a gentlemen's furnishing store," answered Mr. Kenyon. "Do you think that business is as good as some other kinds?" said Oliver dubiously.

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    "It is a capital business," said his step-father emphatically. "Pays splendid profits." "Who is the gentleman you refer to?" enquired Oliver, with natural interest. "Well, to be frank with you, it is a nephew of my own. I set him




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